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Introducing the

Pass for Online Training - POT

With a POT you and your staff can enrol on as many of our courses as you want, as many times as you want.
You get unlimited access to our entire library of courses for 12 months.


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Prices are subject to VAT

Individual Courses cost £199+ VAT each

So with a POT you save yourself thousands!

Since we launched the Entrepreneurs Circle Training Academy in January 2015, over 15,000 business owners and their staff have been trained – with an average delegate score of over 9 out of 10 on the course feedback. More importantly, hundreds of businesses are growing faster and becoming more profitable as a result of what people have learned and actioned on our Courses.
In short, this is world-class training. There’s nothing else like it.

It’s been described by delegates as ‘the best business training anywhere in the UK’ and ‘Brilliant – bloody brilliant’ – but until now you’ve had to come to Solihull to experience it. Well not anymore!!

Introducing the Entrepreneurs Circle
ONLINE Training Academy!

We’ve carefully chosen 47 of our most popular and most valuable courses. They’re being recorded LIVE as they happen right here at the National Support Centre, broken down into easy-to-consume modules and made available for you to participate in at your convenience, 24/7, from the comfort of your own office, dining room table or bedroom(!).

This ain’t no slideshow webinar or shaky video recording...

Oh no, because what would the best in the world do to bring you this exceptional content?

Well, we’ve had a state-of-the-art ‘Lecture Capture’ system – the very same kit that they use at the world renowned Harvard and Yale Institutes, installed in our Training Suite and we’re capturing every super-useful nugget and delivering it to you in sparkling HD video and crystal clear audio sound.

The recordings will be expertly edited into easy-to-consume modules - so you can work through them at your own pace - and will include:

  • The complete Slide Decks for you to download and keep,
  • The full Workbooks from each session,
  • and all the pre and post course material to enhance each training and allow you to continue your learning.

So you’ll get the whole training course in easily digestible bite sized bits...

... delivered in a cutting edge way that enhances your learning...
...with all the supporting material...
...for you to go through whenever and wherever you want!


ROI has been 10 fold - maybe more!

It's brilliant training from genuine experts, passionate about about what they do...
Helen Saunders, Wingrove Taylor

It's Brilliant!

If you can't get enough value from one course to pay for the entire year - you're doing it wrong! We have a real competitive advantage over the other people in our industry. The only people who wouldn't benefit from this are business owners who don't want to grow!
Jon Davies, MJF Accounting

There's NO travel,

NO time out of the office

NO extra costs like petrol and hotel rooms

And you - or your staff - can do the courses whenever it's most convient for you, day or night!

There's a full list of all the courses which are being made available online at the end of this page. Take a look and you’ll see that we’ve got you covered from whichever angle you want to develop yourself, your staff or your business.

Whether you need world-class training on:

...the new Online Training Academy has it for you – and all of our 47 different courses are genuinely world-class. Really.


Turnover Up 20% This Year

Last year we increased our turnover by 20% as a direct result of what we learnt on this training.
Peter Nossiter, Forest Foot & Health

£40,000 From One Course!

I implemented what I'd learnt on just one course and got a £40k order that same day because of it!
Paul Lewis, TGS Ltd

Each course will cost £199 +VAT.

BUT... can secure a 12-month Online Pass and get unlimited access to all 47 of these courses, saving you thousands!

We call it a Pass for Online Training; a POT.

With a POT you get unlimited access for 12 months
to everything in the Online Training Academy.

This means all 47 of our online courses as they are
made available throughout the year.

You can participate in the courses:

  • As many times as you want…

  • With whoever you want…

  • Wherever you want…

  • and whenever you want!

A POT is valid not just for you BUT anyone and everyone that works in your business providing you have less than 25 staff.

And with these special prices it means that you – or your staff - only need to enrol on a small handful of courses next year to make your POT extraordinary value.


Quality + Value

The courses by the EC are higher quality than one I'd paid £6,000 for!
Dave Stickland, Store Guru

Investment Required

The investment required to get a POT will be £890 +VAT. That means you’ll get access to 47 Courses – for you and all your team – for less than the cost of 8 individual courses.
That’s the equivalent of 83% off and it means you’re paying just £18.90 per Course.


Get your POT now

Prices are subject to VAT

I’m hoping you feel like I’ve got you covered here:

Your POT is extraordinary value because it gets you unlimited access to the best training for businesses anywhere in the UK – for 12 months!

Most importantly, you and your team will be better trained and better equipped to make significantly more progress next year as a result of your POT.

And you can do it from the comfort of your own home, in your pyjamas, whatever time of day, or week, suits you best!

The Main Reason You Should Get a POT…

It’s obvious. This is all about you and your business – you’ll move forward faster, and further, as a result of your POT.

If you’ve got staff, (including Apprentices) then it’s even more of a no-brainer because it enables you to ‘sort’ all their training and development for the whole year, at a stroke. And they’ll do the training out of hours if you play it properly.

Your staff will love your POT because as well as being better skilled - and therefore more valuable to you - they'll be more motivated because you’re providing them with such high quality training.

We’ve seen the impact of world-class training on hundreds of businesses and now you can see it in your business once you get your Pass for Online Training.


Get your POT now

Prices are subject to VAT

Individual Courses cost £199+ VAT each

So with a POT you save yourself thousands!


So Powerful!

It's incredibly powerful to be able to offer this quality and quantity of training when we're recruiting. It helps us attract high calibre staff and keep them longer.
Alan Marriot, Door to Door

The Most Amazing Content!

I've experienced the most amazing content, delivered by people who are clearly excited about helping my business grow. I now have the most amazing clarity on where I want my business to be and thanks to the EC training I have the tools I need to get there!
Danielle Proctor, PST Ltd.


I love the EC training and it's helped us so much. The range of topics is huge - like nothing I've ever seen in any organisation before.
Mary Collin, U-Can Ltd.

Every Business Owner Should Do This!

This training has been a massive wake up call for me. The stuff I've learnt has had a huge effect on me. Every business owner should go through this training because they'd all benefit from the lessons I've learnt!
Phil Coleman, Barlow Blinds